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5. Clean out all of your bird houses this month. Many of our feathered friends especially bluebirds will not build a nest in a dirty house.

6. Clean your bird feeders. The birds have been visiting your feeder for months and to minimize the spread of disease, disinfect the feeders with a solution of bleach – one part bleach to nine parts water.

12. Cut back perennials that were not cleaned up last fall including ornamental grasses.

13. Apply dormant oil spray to any trees and shrubs (except blue colored evergreens) that are susceptible to scale insects, mites or aphids.

17. Take inventory of your gardening supplies and replenish or replace where needed. Be prepared with the necessary fertilizers and amendments needed for planting and be sure to take a look at your gardening tools.

19. Have your soil tested at the Penn State Local Extension Service.

Tips for March

There is so much to get started on in March if the weather cooperates but pay attention! Some projects are best left until later if winter persists.

  • Start seeds of tomatoes, peppers and other warm season vegetables indoors. 
  • When your vegetable garden is dry enough, it is time to till and prepare for planting.
  • Plant onion sets this month as well as rhubarb and asparagus.
  • Begin to remove mulch covers when the night time temperatures are staying into the 30s. Leave mulch around spring flowering bulbs and tender perennials to protect emerging shoots from cold drying winds.
  • Trim back your roses when the forsythia blossoms begin to emerge.
  • Prune fruit trees before the buds swell. 
  • Prune summer and fall blooming shrubs.
  • Now is the time to begin planting deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs as weather permits.
  • Moving a woody plant before the new spring growth begins minimizes stress on the plant so get started on any transplanting as soon as the soil is workable.
  • Fertilize established rhododendrons, azaleas, roses and other ornamental trees and shrubs along with your fruit trees. 
  • Fertilize established lawns and consider a product with a pre-emergent weed preventer. The temperature should consistently reach 60 degrees for the best results so you may have to wait a few more weeks.
  • Develop a strategy for detering deer which can be so damaging to your gardens.

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