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When your goal is a beautiful lawn and garden, timing is very important.  Pruning, planting, fertilizing and weeding at the proper time will give you better results, but more often than not the weather conditions are more important than the actual date on the calendar. So use your best judgment and when in doubt, give us a call at Waterloo Gardens so we can partner with you in the adventure of gardening.

• Weed, weed, weed! You will save yourself so much time later on this season if you remove weeds now from your gardens, beds and lawn. Add a pre-emergent for longer protection.

• Feed your spring flowering bulbs at this time and any other ornamental fruit and berry plants that you did not fertilize in March.

• Dormant oil spray can still be applied on plants that are susceptible to scale insects, mites or aphids.

• If you were not able to fertilize your lawn in March, do so this month and use a pre-emergent crab grass killer at the same time. Watch for daytime temperatures above 60 degrees.

Tips for April

  • Plan and design new landscape and garden beds. Consult an expert at Waterloo Gardens for help.
  • Check your strawberry plants frequently for signs of new growth. As soon as new sprouts appear, remove the mulch and spread it between rows to keep down weeds. A topdressing of compost will give the plants a boost.
  • Spring blooming plants like azalea and rhododendron can be fertilized when they finish flowering.
  • When 2-3 inches of new growth appear, fertilize your perennials.
  • It is a great time to dig and divide late blooming perennials when they begin emerging.
  • As soon as the soil is dry enough to work easily, cultivate your garden beds and mix in a few inches of organic material.
  • Finish up any pruning that you were not able to complete in March, including summer and fall blooming shrubs and deciduous trees.
  • Transplanting existing shrubs and planting new deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs can be done successfully this month. 
  • With warmer temperatures and good rainfall, it is a great time to seed or overseed your lawn. Newly seeded lawns may take two or three weeks to germinate in cool spring weather so be patient.
  • Get the blades on your lawn mower sharpened because a dull blade tears the ends of the grass blades. They will be ragged and turn brown and fungal diseases will spread more easily.

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