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Heather's Helpful Hint

Winter Protection for Your Plants
January 05, 2012

Well it feels like winter has finally arrived (not that I couldn't have done without it this year). Tuesday and Wednesday of this week were brutal, but by the end of the week we should warm up again before the next wave of frigid temperatures.

During the winter season it is wise to check the plantings in your yard. Abrupt weather changes and extreme winter conditions can cause damage to plants without the proper precautions and protection.

Evergreen trees and shrubs can take the biggest hit especially during times of cold dry weather. Most evergreens will fade in color whether they are green, blue, or yellow. Some will turn naturally to a bronze color, but brown definitely indicates trouble and frequently means that the plant is dead or dying. Lack of water is most frequently the cause, which is why we recommend that all plants that are not well established are watered right up until the ground is completely frozen. It is equally important to apply a fresh layer of mulch at least three to four inches deep prior to the coldest winter temperatures.

Fortunately for all of us in our area, the ground is still soft and even though a cold blast has come through we will have time to address the winter stress on any of our plants this weekend. So grab a few bags of mulch and cover the roots immediately around any tender plants. Then give them a good watering. You will be glad in the spring when your plants are healthy and ready to start a new season of growth!

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